10x Transformation Acceleration of Monoliths to Cloud-Native

  • Reducing risk, cost and time of modernization projects
  • Accelerating innovation by deploying new independent services
  • Increasing customer responsiveness by shortening release cycles
  • Enabling optimal cloud migration and utilization – huge monoliths don’t allow elasticity, microservices do.
  • Reducing cost by utilizing the cloud more efficiently (smaller machines, on demand elasticity, etc.)
  • ACCELERATING migration to the cloud!

Accelerate Monolith to Microservices

vFunction automatically extracts any service from your monolith into a compile-ready, working, microservice, containerizes it and deploys it onto IBM Cloud leveraging Cloud Paks & using OpenShift

Optimal Cloud Migration and Utilization

Enabling optimal cloud migration and utilization by using microservices.

Increase Engineering Velocity

By being able to develop and deploy independent services, the organization can adopt modern CI/CD, shorten the development and release cycle and accelerate innovation.

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The vFunction Platform
The vFunction Platform
What's unique about vFunction?
What's unique about vFunction?

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