OCP Operator Certification

OCP Operator Certification

Installing TrilioVault for Kubernetes is the easiest enterprise-grade backup and recovery solution to deploy. To protect your container, you will simply login to the OperatorHub tab, choose "Backup and Recovery" option, and then select TrilioVault for Kubernetes. TrilioVault for Kubernetes will then start to protect your applications and data based on the data policies/SLAs available to you.

Native to Kubernetes and OpenShift

TrilioVault for Kubernetes is packaged as an Operator, Deployed as a CRD, and API with all facilities (CSI). If you work in the DevOps or IT Department you can can protect the entire Application and its associated Data quickly. TrilioVault for Kubernetes is simple to operate, all of the documentation is available online, and you will not have to undergo a lengthy education process.

Hybrid-Cloud Compatible for Migration, Remote Backup + DR

TrilioVault for Kubernetes is compatible with all relevant storage formats; CSI, NFS, S3. During the implementation process you can input the public cloud URL. Your container images, where the source production environment could be a Private Cloud, will then be automatically stored to a Public Cloud. You will then have application-aware snapshots of your Production Cloud in a ready-to-run format within a Public Cloud available for TestDev, Remote Backup/Recovery, and DR.

Application-Centric Backup

With TrilioVault of Kubernetes you will be able to protects your entire application consisting of POD, Persistent Volumes, Secrets, Config Maps..) AND all of the associated Data and MetaData. Each backup is a complete working image of your production Kubernetes environment so that you will have robust recovery options.

How customers use it

  • Backup and Recovery; Application and Data


    Mapping the data, which is stored in any on-premise or remote cluster, to the complete application is a difficult task. Also legacy backup SW lacks Kubernetes integration and consumes host compute resources.


    TrilioVault for Kubernertes creates point-in-time snapshots of Applications and its Data. You can then recover the entire application to local Private Cloud or remotely to a Public Cloud.

  • Backup and Restore Workloads in Red Hat


    Everyone's infrastructure is unique, and therefore it's often difficult to deploy a new backup technology.


    TrillioVault is a certified Red Hat solution so that you have assurance this solution is compatible with your environment. This video will show you how well integrated Trilio is with Red Hat.

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