Tray is a General Automation Platform that is:


Like snowflakes, no two processes are alike. They deserve the flexibility of Tray, which lets you configure the most complex workflows, integrate any application, and add customized logic for strategic competitive advantage. Connect your entire cloud stack with Tray.


Business people often don't have dev resources. Tray democratizes automation and empowers any team member to integrate apps and automate processes oneself with an easy drag-and-drop workflow editor.


Re-invent processes with flexible logical operators. Build complex multi-step, multi-app workflows with powerful conditional logic, branches, loops, data storage, CSV processing. Search and filter logs on any property for fast debugging.


Tray grows with you, so you never outgrow it. Scale up or down for an unlimited number of workflow tasks. With real-time workflow processing, there is never a delay in the scheduled start time of the workflow or its execution.

The Beginner’s Guide to General Automation Platforms

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