What it can do for your business

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Traveler Care enables a train attendant to view a passenger’s travel history, preferences and status on an iPad. An attendant can also issue class upgrades and compensate passengers for trip delays. The app lets rail lines log a traveler’s preferences and take note of complaints in real time – instead of using outdated customer service processes. Voucher management helps improve traveler satisfaction. Travel Care puts a wealth of relevant travel information at an attendant’s fingertips. This flexibility cuts down research time, allowing the attendant to help more travelers while providing added personalized service.

Add conveniences for travelers

Digitally scan and validate tickets with the built-in camera. View a passenger’s frequent-rider status and history. Record passenger complaints or preferences to use for future travels.

Personalize travel with analytics

Gain access to real-time customer analytics and Location Services to determine the best course of action for each passenger – offering a class upgrade or helping reroute them to avoid delays.

Issue additional tickets on board

Traveler Care allows attendants to offer class upgrades and recommend the best available seating arrangements – based on a customer’s itinerary.

Four good reasons to use Travel Care

  • Take advantage of powerful analytics
  • Gain flexibility without sacrificing security
  • Empower attendants to provide superior customer service
  • The app is backed by a great service plan