Feature spotlights

Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

Totum asks 12 questions with the option to ask fewer as well as the option to add your own questions to learn more about the prospect/client. Totum has built academic quantitative models behind each question that is then run through our algorithm to find the total potential loss a client is will to take on an annual basis.

Investment Policy Statements

Financial Advisors, Agents, RIA's, Custodians, Banks, Broker/Dealers, Wirehouses and more can easily white label the reports through Totum and customize the documents to share with their prospects or clients. Add disclosures, disclaimers, duties and responsibilities, analytical charts, compare portfolios, recommend portfolios, and more. Currently available are Investment Policy Statements, Client Summary, and Portfolio Summary reports.

Customize and Add your Models and Benchmarks

Easily build or add your own custom models in our Models tab. We score all your models to easily match portfolio scores and compare portfolios to allow you to have a more meaningful conversation with your clients. Institutions can also add all of their own models for their advisors to use with their clients. There is an Admin tab for large Institutions to manage what their advisors have access to within Totum.

Compliance and Archiving

Totum time stamps, records, and archives all completed risk questionnaires and any changes manually made to the scores for advisors to stay compliant. This helps with any audits from FINRA or the SEC. Quickly download and export the data for your records. Share recorded questionnaires on an annual basis with your clients to make adjustments to their portfolios and become that trusted advisor.

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