Increase Assets and Referrals through Totum Risk

Compelling - Preferences change all the time, therefore you can't accurately score a risk tolerance questionnaire on preferences alone. Totum scores what we call risk capacity or a clients life situation. Compliant - Totum partnered with Steve Burns, PhD to build academic quant models behind each question that is pushed through our algorithm for a more accurate score. We archive all records. Complete - Totum offers analytics for advisors to compare and test a portfolio against their models/benchmarks. The advisors can white label and customize reports such as clients summary, portfolio summary, and investment policy statements.

Know your Clients Better through Totum

Totum Risk relates to people by asking questions about their clients and prospects life situation, ie. location, career, health, home ownership, and more. This allows you to know your client.

Increase Referrals through Transparency

White label and customize Client Summary, Portfolio Summary, and Investment Policy Statements for your clients.

Compelling, Compliant, Complete.

Totum Risk time stamps and archives all risk tolerance questionnaires for audits, compliance, and to share with clients on an annual basis.

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