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Retail merchants wear several hats, and inventory management is one of the most time consuming of them all. The Prosperous Shop offers support throughout the product life cycle from reporting your sales and profits, to re-ordering and includes ready-to-go purchase orders and goods received notes that keep control of all of your inventory activities.

Become more profitable

There are plenty of products that provide you with data to look but don't show you what actions to take. The Prosperous Shop scans your retail data and shares insights and actions that lead to growth

No more spreadsheets, saving you time

We automate the tasks that can take you days to complete (and we save on staffing costs too!) such as purchase ordering and price reductions

Gain a macro view of your business

With our auto categorisation, you can see where your profit is coming from and optimise the strong areas of your business

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The Prosperous Shop

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The Prosperous Shop

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