Improve mobile development lifecycle

TestFairy is a mobile testing platform helping teams develop and fix bugs faster. TestFairy provides developers with videos showing what was done on a mobile app during testing and with that, fix bugs faster.
TestFairy Mobile Testing Enterprise Edition

Secure Enterprise App Distribution

Easily distribute mobile apps to employees, allowing users to report bugs, upgrade to new versions and securely login to their corporate app distribution dashboard. The platform is SAML compatible.

Fix Bugs Faster

TestFairy provides teams with videos showing exactly what happened on a mobile app before something went wrong and with that allows developers to fix bugs faster than ever before.

Easy bug reporting

TestFairy allows users to easily report bugs by simply shaking their mobile device and sketch on a screenshot. Bugs can be pushed to any issue management platform via API.

Which option is right for you?

  • TestFairy for Small businesses

    This edition is ideal for small businesses. It is hosted on the TestFairy public cloud in North America.

  • TestFairy for Enterprise

    This edition is ideal for enterprise companies. It includes a private cloud, Single Sign On, white labeling and advanced security.

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TestFairy Mobile Testing Enterprise Edition

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TestFairy Mobile Testing Enterprise Edition

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