What it can do for your business

IBM Support Value Add Offering for TSAMP Migration or Deployment Proofing supplements your in-house skills to give you an added boost to successfully migrate to the latest software version or to assist with validating and proofing a new environment prior to moving into production by providing technical advice and remote training of key components to help with your success. Training applies to components included within TSAMP and RSCT and around integration of TSAMP with DB2 HA/HADR, if applicable.
IBM Support Value Add Offering for TSAMP Migration or Deployment

Optimize the client experience

Save time, minimize disruptions and optimize the success of your next migration or deployment with personalized guidance and troubleshooting advice from a Support Specialist.

Improve implementation efficiency

Get tactical technical advice on components, integration and proactive steps to follow to achieve a successful migration or deployment.

Enrich your learning and capabilities

Improve learning and capabilities by engaging with a Support Specialist for remote training and best practice advice for your customized migration or deployment.

Key features

  • Personalized technical advice
  • Flexible support
  • Block hours of support
  • Apply best business practices