What it can do for your business

Support Value Add Offering for ITNM Event Enrichment provides the extra boost to supplement your in-house skills to maximize the performance of your Network Manager Event. Event enrichment is the process of adding topology information to the event. With the right topology in place and available plug-ins configured for maximum performance, you will gain more confidence in enriching your polling events to achieve your business objectives.
Support Value Add Offering for ITNM Event Enrichment

Optimize event enrichment tasks

Save time, optimize your polling events with advice from a Subject Matter Expert on configuration and customization best practices.

Improve implementation efficiency

Get tactical technical advice on methods to configure your probe rules, modify ITNM Gateway Sticher and enrich event via Event Gateway custom guidance.

Enrich your learning and capabilities

Improve learning and capabilities when important concepts are explained specific to your environment and suggestions are provided for customizing RCA or Event Gateway plug-ins, or Gateway Stichers.

Key features

  • Personalized technical advice
  • Flexible support
  • Block hours of support
  • Apply best business practices