Feature spotlights

Image Scanning

Detect vulnerabilities within the CI/CD pipeline. Scan locally in the pipeline and prevent deploying risky images.

Continuous Compliance

Validate compliance across the lifecycle of containers, Kubernetes and cloud-native workloads based on regulatory standards (NIST, PCI).

Runtime Security

Combine deep visibility for Kubernetes and containers to detect and block suspicious activity and attacks.

Configuration Validation

Ensure configurations meet security best practices based on CIS Benchmarks or your own guidelines.

Forensics and Audit

Record a snapshot of pre- and post-attack activity to speed up forensics and incident response for containers and Kubernetes.

Kubernetes-Native Threat Prevention

Automate the generation and validation of pod security policies (PSPs) pre-deployment to ensure that Pods run with only the appropriate privileges.

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Ford Motor Company optimizes delivery with cloud platform

Ford Motor Company

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