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IBM® Foundation Support for Runtimes supports Swift V4 compiler and runtime libraries, Node.js V6 and V8 long-term support (LTS) binaries, Eclipse OpenJ9 (IBM cross-platform Java Virtual Machine) binaries from (Open Java Development Kit) and Eclipse OpenJ9 Docker images.

IBM Advanced Support for Runtime Frameworks includes everything offered in IBM Foundation Support for Runtimes, and also supports Kitura V2 framework for Swift users, express framework for Node.js users and loopback framework for Node.js users.

You can raise a support ticket during your business hours once the purchase of IBM Support for Runtimes is complete. To raise the ticket, click “Talk to an expert” on the right, or call or email your IBM representative.

When Java, Swift and Node.js customers request support that results in a code change, the customer will be directed to the appropriate IBM team. Code changes will be contributed to the owning community under their normal contributor processes.

If the fix is in common code, IBM will act as the advocate for the fix, but ultimately the community will either reject the fix or accept the fix as-is or in modified form.

IBM Foundation Support for Runtimes supports appmetrics and appmetrics-dash.

IBM Advanced Support for Runtime Frameworks supports express, express-session, body-parser, passport, cloudant, mongodb, redis, cfenv, bluemix-appid, bluemix-autoscaling-agent, log4js, strong-supervisor and loopback.

If you need Java support, purchase one of the commercial offerings of Liberty, which includes support.

Contact your IBM representative to purchase IBM Support for Runtimes, or get started at the link below.

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It is expected that you buy virtual processor cores (VPCs) that represent your production server capacity that runs or hosts the runtimes and the associated frameworks.

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They help developers create production-ready applications. Support is included for generator-nodeserver and generator-swiftserver, which work with the Yeoman framework. They can be used directly and also when you create a starter using the IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI and IBM Cloud App Service.

If a common code or IBM platform-specific code fix is needed, IBM will submit a change and work with the community to get the change accepted. The fix will be made to the master branch of the runtime codebase, then back-ported to the service branch for the LTS level.