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Stratus5 offers all the necessary business services fully automated for selling your application as a Software-as-a-Service in just a few steps. Stratus5 offers an as-a-Service automation solution for any application – and requires no application code changes, accommodates any tech stack, and is deployable in any configuration. Our partners routinely use us to automate the deployment of their applications directly to consumers to automate the trial and upsell of their applications.
Stratus5 Cloud Services SaaS Automation

1-Click Live Deployments

Launch your own secure SaaS deployments with 1-click to live deployments for easy customer signups and trials.

Automated Software as a Service

Automate your own scalable SaaS business with automation tools for subscription billing, deployment, marketing, customer support, and customer management.

Offer Free Trials of Your Software

Increase revenue by offering free trials of your software and converting them to paying customers.

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Stratus5 Cloud Services SaaS Automation

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Stratus5 Cloud Services SaaS Automation