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IBM FlashSystem® A9000

IBM FlashSystem A9000 provides high-performance, all-flash storage for hybrid cloud environments. This breakthrough solution integrates the market-leading performance of IBM FlashCore® technology, parallel architecture and flash-optimized data reduction in one innovative system, purpose-built for the cloud. Choose FlashSystem A9000 and gain a groundbreaking mix of speed, power and scale-out simplicity.

IBM FlashSystem A9000R

IBM FlashSystem A9000R is an all-flash grid storage solution that provides the consistent, reliable and efficient performance you need for dynamic data at scale. With the extreme performance of IBM FlashCore technology, FlashSystem A9000R delivers an excellent platform for rapidly growing cloud storage in large mixed workload environments.

IBM FlashSystem 9100

IBM FlashSystem 9100 combines the performance of flash and Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) with the reliability and innovation of IBM FlashCore® technology and the rich features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ — all in a powerful 2U storage system. Providing intensive data driven multicloud storage capacity, FlashSystem 9100 is deeply integrated with the software defined capabilities of IBM Spectrum Storage™ allowing you to add in the multicloud solutions that best support your business.

IBM Storwize V7000F

IBM Storwize V7000F is an all-flash, highly scalable storage system that provides high performance and advanced management functions. Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software, this solution consolidates workloads into a single system. You gain ease of management, superior performance and high availability. Hardware-accelerated data compression delivers faster performance and reduces costs. Get all the features demanded in the largest enterprise environments, at a cost-effective price.

IBM FlashSystem 900

IBM FlashSystem 900 all-flash storage arrays accelerate applications, delivering Tier 0 performance with consistent low latency and inline hardware data compression. This high-speed, reliable, and cost-effective system supports your most demanding applications such as online transaction processing, anaytics databases, virtual desktop infrastructures, technical computing applications, and cloud environments.


VersaStack is a converged infrastructure solution, jointly developed by IBM and Cisco, that delivers extraordinary efficiency, performance and economics. The VersaStack portfolio addresses the latest in IT trends, such as data center modernization, hybrid cloud and software-defined storage.

High Availability Storage Utility Offering

When 5 or 6 nines of availability is not enough! Leverage IBM Storage Utility Offering to build very cost effective high availability solutions.

IBM Storwize V5030F

IBM Storwize V5030F is an all-flash, virtualized storage system that provides high performance and advanced management functions. Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software, this solution features highly flexible, easy-to-use storage. Now organizations with mid-range application workloads can efficiently and affordably meet the challenges of rapid growth and constrained IT budgets.

IBM Cloud Object Storage

This highly scalable cloud storage service is designed for high durability, resiliency and security. You can store, manage and access your data via our self-service portal and RESTful APIs. Connect applications directly to Object Storage and integrate IBM Cloud services.

IBM Elastic Storage Server

Performance and growth for clusters, cognitive workloads and analytics. A modern implementation of software-defined storage, combining IBM Spectrum Scale software with IBM POWER8® servers. IBM Spectrum Scale, the parallel file system at the heart of the solution, delivers high performance throughput, simplifies management, eliminates data silos and consolidates unstructured data capacities by providing a single namespace for your new demanding workloads.

IBM TS7760

The IBM TS7760 is a virtual tape solution, optimizing data protection and business continuance for IBM Z® data. The TS7760 operates at disk speeds while maintaining compatibility with existing tape operations. Its fully integrated storage hierarchy takes advantage of disk and tape technologies to deliver performance for active data. It also offers a pay as your grow model so that you can introduce the benefits of the TS7760 at a much lower price point than a typical lease or purchase.

IBM FlashWatch

High availability is critical in today's 7x24x365 business world. Traditional 5 and 6 nine arrays may not always be enough. IBM's FlashWatch high availability guarantees zero interruption to data availability and is engineered for today’s business climate where up time is critical. Together, with the IBM Storage Utility Offering, IBM enables you to procure an HA storage solution with IBM HyperSwap for an additional cost of 20% over a traditional lease.

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