Key features of IBM Cloud Private

Choose the storage that best fits your needs

Choice is key as your business moves forward with refactoring applications. Choose file, block or object storage end-points. Whether deploying IBM Spectrum Scale or Minio object stores in conjunction with our FlashSystem and Storwize family of storage capabilities, IBM delivers a no-compromise solution engineered to fit your business needs. It opens up the capabilities for scaling capacity and performance, mitigating bottlenecks while enabling global file sharing and active file management.

Utilize file, block or object storage--maximize flexibility

Delivering flexibility for private cloud and containerized capacity resource utilization, IBM Storage Solutions for IBM Cloud Private allows you to develop, test and create new applications within a file, object or block environment, delivering the enterprise storage capabilities for AI, Blockchain, Analytics and Enterprise Databases with secure computing, and data management for private cloud environments.

Enterprises can build new applications

IBM Cloud Private helps enterprises transform by enabling them to build new applications using modern processes and by modernizing legacy applications as a competitive advantage.

Delivering infrastructure services easily and efficiently

IBM Storage Solutions for IBM Cloud Private combines VersaStack with IBM Spectrum Control Base Edition and IBM storage enabler for containers. This stack, along with IBM Cloud Private, is designed to help you easily deploy, automate and manage, so that your IT staff can quickly deliver infrastructure services your business needs to increase IT and business agility.

IBM Storage Solutions for Analytics

IBM Storage solutions for Analytics adds a new solution based on IBM's extremely fast IBM Flash System 9100 and IBM Cloud Private for Data. IBM Cloud Private for Data is a new integrated data science, data engineering and application building platform with specific analytics based microservices built on IBM Cloud Private. It will enable your business to transform with AI as you build out a trusted data foundation.

Simple scalability

As expected from a cloud deployment, IBM Storage Solutions for IBM Cloud Private are specifically designed to expand and shrink depending on the application as necessary. This way organizations can simply scale up or down while reducing impact to their business.

Optimizes cloud deployments

There is often complexity due to the sheer volume of objects and components that make up the solution. IBM Cloud Private integrates a variety of microservices and middleware capabilities that combine with IBM Spectrum Access to form a robust and responsive infrastructure. Read the IBM Spectrum Access Blueprint for IBM Cloud Private below.

Quickly deploy storage classes to comply with business SLAs

IBM Spectrum Connect is the centralized cloud integration software that consolidates storage provisioning and abstracts storage configuration complexities from the applications. Users will now be able to provision storage based on classes of storage, predefined to comply with business SLAs.

Provision capacity directly with containerized applications

Storage Enabler for Containers, the universal plug-in to all IBM block storage, enabling capacity's to be provisioned and used directly by the containerized applications without manual intervention ultimately driving agility in an end-to-end fashion. It provides dynamic persistent volume and dynamic persistent volume claims.

Speed up container storage provisioning

IBM Storage now supports Container Storage Interface (CSI). As containerized environments grow in popularity and as more customers move to the cloud, storage solutions must adapt. Data persistence and performance shoot to the top of “container storage” needs, so ahead of the crowd, IBM has moved to support the CSI open initiative. This translates into a single CSI that works with all Container Orchestrator Systems simplifying management and reducing costs for containerized storage deployments.

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