Four reasons why you should use IBM Stakeholder Manager

Timely information with a global reach

With IBM® Stakeholder Manager, you can be confident that you are working with the right stakeholders for a successful commercialization strategy. Across the globe, you are linked to Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Market Access Decision Makers who are key to the success of your product. Stakeholder Manager provides continuously updated stakeholder profiles with unique data – including local language – accessed online or through a mobile application.

In-depth stakeholder profiles

Stakeholder Manager is launched through a basic deployment of a KOL identification project. Each project includes licensed and permission-only access to all Stakeholder Manager functionality. Each KOL in the system has an individual profile. Tabular navigation provides in-depth and dashboard views of each KOL’s professional experience and background. Profiles are delivered on a project-by-project basis and, combined with ongoing data updates, can grow as client engagement needs may change.

Advanced analytics for better decision making

Advanced analytics harnesses the vast amount of data available – translating data into insights you can act upon. The Stakeholder Manager platform gives you access to a variety of analytic tools that let you assess elements of a KOL’s background. You also can retrieve user-created content, such as KOL interactions and performance against established engagement plans.

Scale as needed

The Stakeholder Manager platform is flexible, so it can be launched for a corporate-wide or a project-specific need. As internal demand or needs change, the platform can grow to implement or configure various elements of the system to meet different business needs. As the number of KOL identification projects increases within the platform, so does the actionable data available to users to assist in the achievement of their commercialization goals.

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