What it can do for you

SPLICE's Dialog Suite enables you to send personalized, natural-voice notifications to your customers in a timely, emotionally-relevant way. Pre-CAT Notifications allow you to give customers in high-risk areas an early warning of an anticipated catastrophe, allowing for preparations and evacuation, if needed. Pre-CAT Notifications also give customers an expectation for how losses will be handled following the CAT event, leading to increased claims satisfaction and reducing inbound calls for status updates.

Improve the Claims Experience

Set clear expectations for the post-CAT process before the catastrophic event takes place, resulting in better customer experience and policyholder retention.

Reduce Claims Exposure

Ensure customers are aware of the upcoming catastrophic risks, enabling them the maximum time to prepare and--if necessary--evacuate.

Reduce Communication Costs

Eliminate costly inbound calls for routine questions and leave lines clear for those in need of immediate assistance.

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SPLICE Pre-CAT Insurance Notifications

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SPLICE Pre-CAT Insurance Notifications