Extended support for end-of-service IBM hardware & software

When your IBM hardware or software reaches end of service, you may require extended support, i.e., you may still have critical applications running on the software or may require more time to migrate to a newer software release, or you may need to continue to use hardware devices in your IT environment for various reasons. We can customize an agreement to match your requirements by extending your existing IBM hardware maintenance agreement, or extend support for your IBM software for up to 3 years after the official end-of-service date.

Extend service

Extends support for end-of-service IBM hardware and software by providing technical expertise for "how to," usage and defect issues.

Maintain availability

Helps improve systems availability and resiliency through around-the-clock support for customer-critical problems as well as ongoing defect support.

Facilitate reduced TCO

Support reduced cost of ownership with more cost-effective, feature-rich, and thorough support.

Support lifecycle management strategy

Bridges the gap to facilitate migration to a more current software release or tailor agreements to meet your specific needs.

Key Features

  • IBM Hardware Support Service Extension
  • IBM Software Support Extension
  • Hard Drive Retention
  • Media Destruction Services