Social data to UBX and social login to Commerce

Social-ID for UBX and Watson Campaign Automation

Iam, Ciam and IDaaS, Social Login for Facebook, G+, Twitter and LinkedIn - Social login for websites, mobile apps and wifi to capture data and to transfer to UBX - Real time social data to UBX: every time a customer updates their social profile - Rich events and triggers based on social data for personalized messages - Social data for personalization on websites and mobile apps - Engagement via Facebook notifications and Messenger, Instagram, wifi portals, beacons and web push notifications.

Learn how to create your customers social profile

How the Social-ID Builds the Customer Identity and Offers Personalization for Websites, Mobile Apps and the Omni-Channel. Try it out yourself!

Create a Sandbox for the Social-ID to UBX & WCA Integration

CoffeeBean and IBM have developed a sandbox environment to be used by sales engineers to demo the Social-ID's integration to UBX/IBM Watson Campaign Automation. Please contact us so we can help setup your own sandbox for testing and demo:

The Social-ID Impacts Marketing Campaigns

The Social-ID delivers high performance marketing campaigns due to the quality of its database that is based on content created by your customers and because of its rich segmentation.

How customers use it

  • Dafiti Success Story


    According to e-commerce statistics, 20% of customers abandon their shopping carts because they want to avoid the sometimes long and confusing registration process.


    Dafiti is using the social login to solve this problem and to impact purchasing conversion. The social login simplifies the process of creating an account because customers no longer need to remember an extra login/password.

  • Social-ID for Customer Identity

    Social-ID for Customer Identity


    According to a 2016 survey, 97% of US companies want to build their customer identity. Their motivations are to increase customer retention, to increase company revenues, to improve decisions, to enhance customer experience and to reduce costs.


    There are challenges to build the Customer Identity and we can help you. CoffeeBean Technology offers a methodology based on the Social-ID for the Customer Identity platform to create the customer identity and apply it successfully to your business.

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