Social Data for UBX, Watson Campaign Automation and Commerce

CoffeeBean integrates its Social-ID solution into Watson Marketing and Watson Commerce to offer social login and the customer’s social profile (social data) for Watson Campaign Automation (WCA) to deliver personalized engagement. Social-ID for WCA: The Social-ID integrates with IBM UBX to offer complete and updated customer social profiles to be used for personalized customer engagement through IBM WCA. Social-ID for Watson Commerce: The Social-ID also offers social login to increase sales conversion by simplifying customer registration and enabling personalized engagement and richer experiences via WCA.
Social-ID for Customer Identity

Use Social Data to Improve Marketing ROI

Now you can use social data and customer events to feed UBX and Watson Campaign Automation for personalized and real time customer engagement. Thanks to Social-ID integration to UBX and to Commerce.

Improve your Watson Campaign Automation

It improves the Watson Campaign Automation's engagement due to social profile and to new engagement channels on Facebook, Instagram, wifi, beacons and e-mail personalization based on social data.

More customers due to social channels

Extend your Omni Channel Engagement via Facebook notifications and Messenger, Instagram, wifi portals, beacons and web push notifications. Integrate Watson Chatbots to social data.

Increase conversion on websites and apps

Use social login on your website and mobile app, it increases sales conversion by simplifying customer registration and enabling personalized engagement and richer experiences via Watson Marketing.

55% of customers return to your website

Approximately 55% of customers would return to a personalized website, use social data captured from social login to personalize your website and mobile app.

Improve email open rate with social data

Increase your email open rates by up to 25% due to email personalization based on the social profile captured via social login. The social data is transferred to UBX and Watson Campaign Automation.

Social data to UBX and WCA and social login to Commerce

  • Social-ID for UBX and Watson Campaign Automation
  • Learn how to create your customers social profile
  • Create a Sandbox for the Social-ID to UBX & WCA Integration
  • The Social-ID Impacts Marketing Campaigns

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Social-ID for Customer Identity

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Social-ID for Customer Identity

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