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There are large volumes of contractual documents that the legal areas have to process. Documents are very extensive and have many changes over the time. The lawyers of the organization can not make mistakes on the details, so the document backlog grows without order, becoming a real bottleneck. CLA allows users to select the most important elements of any document to automatically incorporate them into more agile operational and production processes. It does not need to have a predefined format; it works with any type of legal document, identifying the key components to be viewed at a glance by the attorney who underlines the document.
SOA Pros Cognitive Legal Advisor

Increase productivity

Quickly identify and read the most important points of the documents without having to read everything

Faster decision making

Detects the most important elements immediately and automatically to enable faster decision making

Reduce errors

Clear business rules enable CLA users to reduce errors, omissions and mistakes.


Increase data integration with legacy systems


Deployment flexibility using either on-premises or cloud.

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SOA Pros Cognitive Legal Advisor

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SOA Pros Cognitive Legal Advisor