Sintelix features

Entity and relationship extraction

Extracts entities, relationships and properties from any text. The built-in configuration identifies people, organisations, geo-tagged locations and 24 other data types.

IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook plugin

Great HTML5 plugin that allows IBM i2 software users to process unstructured documents from inside IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook using Sintelix. Entities and relationships can be added immediately to a chart.

Highly scalable

Sintelix runs on a laptop or on an Enterprise Server with 256 cores, ready for Big Data.

Great training and support

Sintelix provides on line training and world class support. Sample projects are provided, including Law Enforcement and Counter Fraud, to help you be productive immediately.

IBM i2 software connectors available

Sintelix provides connectors that integrate with all IBM i2 portfolio solutions. These connectors allow you to easily add unstructured data from Sintelix into IBM i2 iBase, the IBM i2 Analysis Repository and the IBM i2 Information Store.

Rapid deployment

Installing Sintelix is easy and fast.

Technical details

Software requirements

Sintelix works with:

  • All Microsoft operating systems from the past 10 years
  • Linux - OS X
  • We suggest Windows 7+ or Server. We also support Linux and provide a WAR file

Hardware requirements

For a minimal effective demonstration deployment of Sintelix:

  • Two or more processor cores
  • 4GB of spare RAM
  • 20 GB of disk space