What Operational Excellence can do for you

Operational Excellence is a consulting program that helps an organization design powerful, streamlined outcomes using the Lean Transformation strategy.

The concept of Lean is a simple one: eliminate activities that do not provide value. Done right, Lean can ignite a culture change in an organization, while promoting continuous improvement.

IBM Simpler Operational Excellence

Significantly increase enterprise value

Use a guided approach to transformation adoption—including visioning, team development and value stream analysis.

Conduct business-minded assessments

Simpler begins with the question, “What’s the reason your business exists?” Using a proven set of data requests and analysis, we help you outline clear targets and define breakthroughs.

Uncover your improvement potential

Using a proprietary mapping technique with highly customized data, each business function is analyzed to identify waste and improvement opportunities.

Create a strategy execution process

Simpler helps you choose strategic options so you understand potential risks, the impact on customers, values, employees and the overall goals of the organization.