What Advisory can do for you

Advisory is a consulting program that helps your organization’s board of directors establish effective governance, determine standard work and create an effective infrastructure.

Leaders must develop and deploy strategies, motivate and communicate with employees—and ultimately drive the organization to new levels of performance improvement. With Advisory, your leaders receive the guidance to ensure the organization stays healthy and moving in the right direction.

IBM Simpler Advisory

Develop powerful leadership

Simpler Advisory helps leaders drive an organization to new levels of performance improvement. With this guidance, your leadership can more confidently move the organization in the right direction.

Effective governance and engagement

With strong board governance in place, we help the C-suite and key stakeholders assess the health of the organization—to lay the groundwork for strategy deployment and foster continuous improvement.

Confidently steer through volatility

Simpler helps you create a framework for the planning, focus and alignment of the business. Strategy deployment helps you respond to unpredictable markets, while still achieving your vision

Work with experienced consultants

Simpler has advised and coached some of the world’s largest corporations through successful enterprise-wide transformations. We help you achieve breakthrough operational and financial performance.