Single pane of glass management of IKS and other clusters

Shepherd is a single pane of glass security policy, integrity, and monitoring application for Kubernetes running across private and public clouds. It supports IKS and other Kubernetes deployments deployed anywhere. It helps you create security policies, track integrity of the clusters, track images, provide monitoring and logging capabilities, and lets you set operational rules. One of the other key features of Shepherd is to help the admin quickly troubleshoot when issues arise by tracking cluster events and notifications. You can secure your important files and folders by applying kernel level policies using Selinux and Apparmor.

Visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud

Get detailed visibility to track the integrity of Kubernetes clusters, including OpenShift or IKS. It can be deployed on public cloud or inside your private enterprise cloud.

Track cluster integrity

Shepherd helps you monitor the integrity of your cluster. It keeps track of any changes to ports, files and folders selected by the user, linux modules, Iptable rules, and container images.

Security policies

Shepherd enables the admin to create, deploy, and manage firewall policies, Mandatory Access Control (MAC) policies, RBAC policies across IKS and other clusters.

Health monitoring and Logs

Shepherd lets you track the health of all the workloads & nodes across clusters on a single dashboard. It also enables you to collect logs from workloads and analyze them for app related issues.

Quickly troubleshoot issues

Shepherd helps you troubleshoot quickly by allowing the user to analyze Kubernetes clusters' events and notifications.

Key features

  • Integrity tracking
  • Security Policies
  • Health monitoring and logs
  • Operational rules and troubleshooting

Product images

Manage multiple Kubernetes clusters from a single pane of glass
Manage multiple Kubernetes clusters from a single pane of glass
Create, apply security policies and track compliance
Create, apply security policies and track compliance

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