Find Who is Who in Your Big Data

Senzing is the first plug-and-play AI for Entity Resolution. Find who is who and who is related to who in your data in real time, even when entities are trying to hide.

  • Smart Entity Resolution for everyone everywhere, not just the elite

  • No Entity Resolution experts required to deploy or run

  • Deploy Senzing in minutes on your Windows or macOS desktop for free

  • Add Entity Resolution to new or existing applications in a few hours with Senzing API

  • Senzing API scales to handle billions of records and hundreds of data sources

Determine who is who in your big data

Combine data from multiple sources to create complete views of people, organizations and other entities in messy data. Detect entities even when they are trying to hide.

Find relationships between entities

Determine who is related to who. Find obvious and non-obvious relationships to improve fraud, compliance and risk operations, and enhance marketing and sales initiatives.

Built-in Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design principles were built into Senzing from its inception.

Easy to deploy and use

Download the software for free and get started right away. No experts required. You can be up and running in minutes.

Self-corrects, self-learns, no reloading

Learns as it resolves data and self-corrects its past in real time. No need to reload the database to correct for data (accuracy) drift or other maintenance activities.

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