Deploy Entity Resolution, Get Rapid ROI

Senzing is the first plug-and-play AI for entity resolution. Senzing API is designed for software and data engineers who need to quickly and affordably add highly accurate entity resolution to applications and services. With Senzing, you can get a return on investment (ROI) in weeks or months!

  • Find who is who and who is related to whom in your data

  • Easy to deploy and use, no entity resolution experts needed

  • Minimal data preparation required

  • Add entity resolution to applications or services in a few hours

  • Runs in your private cloud or on-premise

  • Special edition for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Rapid Return on Investment

Get an ROI in just weeks or months. No team of experts needed to add entity resolution capabilities. Any software or data engineer can quickly and easily integrate or deploy.

Determine Who is Who in your Data

Automatically combine data from multiple sources to create complete views of people, organizations and other entities. Matches entities even when data is messy or entities are trying to hide.

Find Relationships Between Entities

Quickly link people, organizations and other entities. Easily identify non-obvious relationships to help improve fraud, compliance and risk operations, and enhance marketing and sales initiatives.

Easy to Deploy and Use

Download the software for free and get started right away. Minimal data preparation. No experts required. You can be up and running faster than any other option.

Self-corrects, Self-learns, No Reloading

Learns as it resolves data. Self-corrects the past in real time. No reloads are needed to correct for data accuracy drift or other maintenance activities.

Built-in Privacy by Design

Industry standard Privacy by Design principles built into Senzing software from its inception. Deploy on-premise or in the cloud. No data flows to Senzing.

Unique Features

  • Purpose-built AI for Entity Resolution
  • Operates in Real Time
  • Minimal Data Preparation
  • Nonobvious Relationship Awareness
  • Speed and Scalability
  • Built-In Privacy by Design (PbD)

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