Tangible Assets are transformed into Unit Shares.

Unique Banking Trust Infrastructure

All Secure Blockchain Connect Real Estate Portfolio assets (land and property) are transferred to the Trust and held there ad infinitum or until it is either liquidated or sold to parties outside the platform. Each Trust Unit is hashed and transformed into an integral blockchain asset registered in a Bank Trust. All SBC Unit Shares are compliant with all required GDPR and regulatory and practical databases, such as the property register, the land register, the tax authority databases.

Hashing and Pricing Algorithms

The Secure Blockchain Connect architecture has two ledgers that run in parallel and are compared block by block to each other using an innovative "Fourier Transformation." The original SHA hash is converted into a mathematical "pulse" consisting of a precise, large decimal value that is further “padded” by a secret algorithm in order for the difference of the comparison of any two corresponding blocks based on security.

Asset Based Structure of Transactions

The Secure Blockchain Connect system architecture differs from most of the existing blockchain platforms. It is based on the creator's institutional banking transactional experience and the incalculable value, security, and convenience of using trust structures for efficient marketable securities. In this case, the entire construct starts with Real Estate Trust that is set up at a designated Agent Bank. Typically, the Asset Trustee should be a top-tier banking institution.

Property Ledger

Each Secure Blockchain Connect Trust Unit is hashed and transformed into an integral blockchain asset registered in the "Property Ledger." The Trust Unit is related to a Merkle-tree that ties it in an unalterable manner to all of the related and required regulatory and practical databases, such as the property register, the land register, the tax authority databases and so forth.

Collaborative Blockchain Networks

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Customer case studies

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TradeLens and IBM Blockchain


We.Trade and IBM Blockchain
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IBM Blockchain Founder Handbook

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How customers use it

  • Reliable long-term, inflation protected total returns

    Reliable long-term, inflation protected total returns


    Crypto-securities are opaque to regulators and do not provide any tangible asset protection. The price is purely speculative and there is no stable long-term cash flow from investment.


    Real estate assets tend to have predictable and steady cash-flow streams, which are supported by regulated contractual clauses and have built-in long-term cash flow operating margins.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory Compliance


    Regulators have been unwilling to normalise and reluctant to fully authorise formally new blockchain trading architectural platforms mainly due to lack of user verification, AML and other background checks performed on users.


    Transparent user verification and regulatory compliance for secure long-term asset class stability. Usually Funds invest in multiple asset-classes. Our Secure Blockchain Connect implements an IBM Watson front-end application that is fully compliant.

Technical details

Software requirements

Secure Blockchain Connect is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) secure Cloud service, which our Helios Energia Team customises for you and deliver as an integrated virtualised solution.

  • Secure Blockchain Connect is provided as SaaS, meaning Software as a Service

Hardware requirements

Secure Blockchain Connect provides a turnkey Infrastructure solution that is "hardware agnostic" and highly adaptible. SBC integrates virtual servers, data storage, and networking into one platform for deploying and running your Real Estate Trading application.

  • Secure Blockchain Connect is provided as IaaS, meaning Infrastructure as a Service

Technical specifications

Secure Blockchain Connect (SBC) Real Estate Trading Platform has been designed pursuant to a UK patent pending architecture, which introduces to distributed ledger architecture, a completely verified and authenticated user front-end system, which is designed for regulatory compliance with AML, PEP and other required credit and trading history parameters by securities markets regulators

  • Real-time Algorithmic Workflow
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