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Logistics and cargo transportation today is built upon a universe of antiquated supply chain assets, and complex processes and multi-party transactions. With no trust, immutability or transparency, incredible amounts of time and resources are tied in millions of transactions everyday. Leveraging our existing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) platform, RoadLaunch will integrate blockchain for secure digital wallet/token functionality. By doing so, we take a complex process and build a framework of automation, trusted data sets and system integration.
RoadLaunch - Intelligent Blockchain Logistics Platform

Save Time & Work Smart, Not Hard

The RoadLaunch Intelligent Transportation Management platform is simple, yet sophisticated. Freight and Fleet operations tasks are automated, smart, and save you time.

Fast, Paperless, Immutable

Your logistics documentation is created instantly, for no cost & lower accounting/invoicing overhead with instant settlement. All data is trusted with IBM Blockchain and FactR (

Trust & Trace-ability

As a certified provider, you can trust our security, scale & your wallet cost is $0, no hidden fees. Freight & Fleet management equals instant freight visibility, & end-to-end trace-ability.

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RoadLaunch - Intelligent Blockchain Logistics Platform

Provided by 26 Day Inc. (DBA RoadLaunch)

RoadLaunch - Intelligent Blockchain Logistics Platform

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