Feature spotlights

Optimize strategy for interacting across digital properties

Define optimal strategies for interacting across all digital properties for cohesive inbound channel marketing in real time. Customize across customer touchpoints including website, mobile, call center, kiosk, point of sale and ATM. Offer personalization based on behavior during the visit and within the context of previous events.

Connect inbound marketing with outbound campaigns

Extend inbound marketing interactions with outbound communications. Triggered message capabilities allow the offer to be delivered to a different outbound channel than the inbound channel where the trigger was initiated.

Cognitive self-learning optimizes messaging

Utilize multiple data sources and a cognitive self-learning engine that leverages profile, contextual and behavioral data to optimize offer delivery over time. Present offers to unknown visitors based on their behavior during the visit and learn over time to enhance predictive modeling.

User-friendly interface

Efficiently manage and modify marketing strategies within the user-friendly interface. Provides robust features that put control directly in the hands of the marketer for quicker setup, modification, execution and reporting.

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