Raise is a SAAS platform aimed at building a deep-learning AI model for you, based on your goal. You define your objectives in terms of model performance and/or parameter reduction, and rAIse takes you there according to your data.

  • Raise is automated and iterative. It works while you work elsewhere.
  • You just need to install a connector on a training server on your network
  • Raise doesn't require your data to be uploaded. Data privacy is kept.
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Reduce AI building cost

As generation of models are automated, your team can focus on other project or data enhancement while the model is raising.

Keep your data safe and private

Our technology doesn't require the data to leave the company. The Models will be created upon them but on your network side

No need of Deep-Learning expert

in a world were the deep-learning experts are in shortage, our solution build automatically the deep-learning models in a way that any data worker can use it with limited AI knowledge.

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