Better email data quality for better campaign results

For your email marketing campaign to produce results, your mailing list should be free from invalid, incorrect, role-based or disposable email addresses. If you send out emails to these addresses, the emails would bounce back. ESPs take email bounces very seriously - they begin suspecting you, the sender, are a spammer. So in the next campaign it will deliberately place some of your emails into the spam box of the recipients.

Email address verification helps you remove all the non-safe-to-send addresses. Hence, you get great email deliverability, better sender reputation and, importantly, a richer engagement.

Improve email deliverability

Get freedom from hard bounces and improve drastically your email deliverability. Our system removes invalid, disposable and risky email addresses and makes your list clean!

Collect accurate email addresses

Enjoy the benefits of real-time email address verification with our REST API. Prevent incorrect and unsafe email addresses from entering your mailing list. Always keep your mailing list clean!

Achieve better campaign ROI

With nearly zero undeliverable addresses, more of your emails land in the inbox than ever before! That improves your sender reputation and fetches you a much better email campaigns’ ROI!

Use with all major ESPs

We’re partners with all the leading email marketing companies. No matter which ESP you work with, you can securely and seamlessly clean your mailing list in just a few clicks!

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