Feature spotlights

SQL Compiler

The TinyQueries SQL compiler offers stunning performance for all of your queries.

100% free layout

You can use HTML5 + whatever javascript lib you like to use for visualization of your data.


Reports and dashboards can be shared as if you share online documents.

API included

Once you create a report you can use an auto-generated API to fetch your own data and do your own post-processing.

How customers use it

  • Specific and unique reports for each of your clients

    Specific and unique reports for each of your clients


    A typical use case is that you want to offer specific and unique reports for each of your clients - so each client needs a different report, containing different graphs based on different data.


    Normally this is not cost-effective to do, but with QueryDocs this is possible and it can even be a win-win: since it is customized content, you can charge your client a reasonable monthly fee for this, which will cover the monthly fee of QueryDocs.

  • Editable sheets on your data

    Editable sheets on your data


    Sometimes you need some ad hoc editing on a part of your database for which you don't have a CMS while your database admin tool cannot solve it either.


    QueryDocs offers the possibily to generate editable data-sheets which you can use to edit a specific subset of your data, just as if you edit an Excel-sheet.