What QueBIT Planning Can Do For Your Business

QueBIT Planning provides a streamlined model that is collaborative and cloud based. You can replace your existing planning process that is problematic in weeks. QueBIT lets customers use all the benefits of TM1 without all the costs of owning an on-premise custom application. Reuse Excel standard reports with automated data refreshes that maintain formatting and calculations, have predictive modeling capabilities that use advanced algorithms and techniques, you need minimal training with an intuitive user experience that can be implemented economically, with QueBIT managing and maintaining the solution.

Reusable Excel Standard Reports

Reusable Excel standard reports with automated data refreshes that preserve formatting and calculations.

Predictive Modeling Capabilities

Predictive Modeling capabilities using advanced algorithms and techniques.

Minimal Training Required

Easy to use for users of all skill levels.

Intuitive User Experience

A user experience that is easy for all users.

Rapid and Economical Implementation

Save time and money in our rapid and economical implementation.

Replace Existing Process In Weeks

With QueBIT planning, you can replace the existing planning process that is giving you problems in weeks with a solution that you can collaborate on, streamlines, and cloud-based.

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