Gain Insight into your workforce, & avoid costly departures

  • Reveal the defining personality traits of your workforce in seconds, without the use of complex and lengthy tests.

  • Build custom questionnaires and easily invite your team to participate.

  • Improve collaboration by discovering who’s alike.

  • Using a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, HR has never been more empowered with data.

Projected Personality Interpreter

Reveal, Measure & Compare Personalities

The personality we express changes according to our intents and context. The PPI makes it easy to collect and measure traits to gain insight into the workforce.

Answers in Your Own Words

Unlike traditional personality tests, designed to probe for known characteristics, the PPI lets your employees answer questions in their own words to detect the personality they are expressing.

Data Science is Easy and More Insightful

Advanced data science is made possible by accessing your PPI data through Watson Studio. Darwin also offers a subscription to advanced analytics notebooks and resources for Watson Studio.

PPI Key Features

  • Build Custom Questionnaires
  • Explore Detailed Personality Profiles
  • Discover What You Don't Know
  • Compare and Contrast Peers
  • Instant access to a community of psych-experts
  • Capture natural expression within relevant contexts

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Projected Personality Interpreter

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Projected Personality Interpreter

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