Document imaging, capture and automation

IBM® Production Imaging Edition provides capabilities to manage the entire document image lifecycle. It combines imaging, capture and automation to help reduce costs, and it can scale processes from departmental use up to tens of thousands of users. The imaging solution integrates IBM Document Capture and Imaging software, such as Datacap and FileNet Content Manager, provides a flexible document-centric workflow, and offers an advanced viewing interface in a single platform.

Advanced document capture

Capture documents as digital images, extract information, and insert images and metadata into a central repository.

Enterprise content management

Manage the entire content management process of capturing, storing, activating, viewing, and redacting documents.

Business process management

Create and maintain business processes, and automatically route document images based on content, context and user input.

Viewing, annotation and redaction

View document images from locations across the enterprise, and make annotations and redact as needed.

Document security

Protect images during transit and ensure that only the intended recipient with the right access level can view documents.

Integrated IBM products and features

  • IBM Datacap
  • IBM Filenet Content Manager
  • IBM Case Foundation
  • Image viewing and redaction

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