What can IBM Cloud Product Insights do for my business?

IBM Cloud Product Insights delivers enhanced views of how IBM Software is being used across the organization, helping to uncover new value, reduce waste and optimize usage. This software enhances the way IBM Software products can be managed and tracked. Using cloud-based dashboards, administrators and operations staff can register and track the metrics of current product instances to understand how they are being used. Using this data, administrators can then optimize efficiency within their environment. Organizations can also take advantage of intelligent advice for extending other cloud services to their current products.

Simplify management and deployment tasks

Register your IBM Software products using a single cloud-based dashboard.

Increase visibility of deployed software

Gain enhanced understanding of deployed software through tracking instance registrations and usage metrics.

Gain insights with product dashboards

Use product grouping to focus on specific environments and analysis tasks.

Optimize product environments

Adjust your environment using product dashboards reports.

Key IBM Cloud Product Insights features

  • Multi-product registration and inventory
  • Product usage and metric insights
  • Software product version awareness
  • Intelligent cloud services advisor

Product screenshots

Registered software product instances
Registered software product instances
Software instance usage metrics
Software instance usage metrics
Product Insights Advisor showing out of date instances
Product Insights Advisor showing out of date instances
Recommended services for software instance
Recommended services for software instance

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