Feature spotlights

Quality Early Warning System (QEWS)

An advanced set of statistical algorithms which detect emerging quality problems sooner and with fewer false alarms compared to traditional SPC methods.

Design-thinking user experience

Easily manage the files, data, variables, parameters associated with your quality metrics and analyses.

User experience

Easily organize, analyze, manage, and share process and quality data across lines of business via boards that visually summarize the status of the groups of variables being monitored.

Prioritized alerts

Prioritization of alerts enables lines of business to address those problems needing immediate attention and makes it easy to quickly evaluate status of all variables being monitored.

How customers use it

  • Assess process quality

    Assess process quality


    During production equipment settings and calibration parameters can "drift" from prescribed specifications resulting in scrap or rework.


    Monitor setting and calibration parameters of manufacturing equipment. When parameters exceed specifications an alert is issued to help isolate, investigate and resolve the specific problem.

  • Assess product quality

    Assess product quality


    Material, component, part and product quality can vary across supply chain and throughout manufacturing processes.


    Monitor attributes of materials, parts, components and products during manufacturing steps. When an attribute exceeds specifications issue an alert to prevent manufacturing of sub-standard product.

Technical details

Software requirements

A workstation that runs one of the supported web browsers.

    Hardware requirements

    This solution is hosted in IBM's secure Cloud data centers.