What it can do for your business

IBM® PowerVC™ Virtualization Center is an advanced virtualization and cloud management offering. Built on OpenStack, it provides simplified virtualization management and cloud deployments for IBM AIX®, IBM i and Linux virtual machines (VMs) running on IBM Power Systems™. The offer is designed to improve administrator productivity and simplify the cloud management of VMs on Power Systems servers. PowerVC provides the foundation for Power Systems scalable cloud management, including integration to higher-level cloud orchestrators based on OpenStack technology.

Fast deployment

Simple installation and configuration saves time and IT costs with faster time to value.

Easy to use

An intuitive user interface saves the cost of formal training and requires no specialized skills.

Efficient utilization

Resource pooling and placement policies improve resource utilization, resulting in significant cost savings and less demand on IT.

Control resources

Host grouping provides separate policy-based control for a subset of the total managed resources.

Balance workloads

Dynamic Resource Optimizer delivers policy-based automation for active workload balancing within a host group.

Key features

  • Simplified virtualization and cloud management
  • Easily replicate VMs for consistency and fast deployment
  • Self-service provisioning of new workloads easily into cloud
  • Automated configuration of I/O resources
  • Policy-based workload placement simplifies administration
  • Virtual image management, including virtual machine capture