Performance Monitoring and Issue Resolution for IBM Campaign

Munvo Companion gathers IBM Campaign’s application metrics, system tables, logs and supporting information. Enables power users and application administrators to proactively monitor system performance, through daily health checks and alerts. Spot issues and solve problems before they negatively impact your marketing operations.

Munvo Performance Monitoring for IBM Campaign

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Munvo Companion enables automatic downloading of complex IBM Campaign log files, so you can drill down to find the processes and database queries that are at the root of performance issues.

Daily Health Check

Daily Health Checks provide insight into the most significant changes in your environment, while recommending key elements that should be investigated to maintain optimal performance.

Visual Waterfall Reporting

Enable IBM Campaign end users to visually identify when and why cell sizes change to clearly explain the differences between forecasted and actual volumes.

Proactive Alerts & Automated Resolution

Detect and repair problems before they reach your users. Automate corrective actions when storage or other system resources are low.

Powerful Data Dependency Search

Companion allows you to search through flowchart dependencies to find key flowchart metrics, allowing you to maintain your organization’s data model.

Optimize Flowcharts

Learn to build more robust flowcharts and prevent repeated flowchart performance degradation by using powerful analysis tools to reveal data and usage patterns that otherwise remain hidden.

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Log Analysis Feature
Log Analysis Feature
Core Features of Companion
Core Features of Companion

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Munvo Performance Monitoring for IBM Campaign

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Munvo Performance Monitoring for IBM Campaign