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Indue Customer Interview - Protecting Australia's new Instant Payment Platform

How an Australian processing company protects its payment channels from fraud with Safer Payments.

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STET Customer Interview - Protecting an entire country from Payment Fraud

How to save more than $115 million per year in payment fraud.

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Webinar - Safer Payments Introduction

Quick introduction of Safer Payments from our CTO, Constantin von Altrock.

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Animation - Solution Overview

Explaining real-time fraud prevention with Safer Payments.

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Webinar - Reducing Payment Fraud with Cognitive Computing

Safer Payments' CTO, Constantin von Altrock, talks about using AI in multi-channel fraud prevention.

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IBM Watson ad - "Catch me if you can"

Frank Abignale, former payments fraudster, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie "Catch me if you can" talks to IBMWatson.

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Customer case studies

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STET Case Study - Saving $115 million per year at a National payment switch

Rodolphe Meyer from our customer STET talks about how they use IBM Safer Payments to protect an entire country from fraud.

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Indue Case Study - Protecting Real-Time Payments from fraud

Dave Hemingway from our customer Indue talks about protecting Australian real-time payments from fraud.

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FIS Case Study - Protecting peer-to-peer payments

Our customer FIS talks about why they have chosen us to protect their peer-to-peer mobile payments.

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BNZ Case Study - Protecting payments across multiple channels

Please read about this very interesting multi-channel implementation of a major retail bank (Bank of New Zealand).

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SIBS Case Study - protecting a Europearn Payments switch

Read about how a major payment switch rolls out Safer Payments for payment fraud prevention with card and instant payments.

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Other resources

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Magazine Article - The NPP, fraud and spies (vs spies)

Bluenotes Magazine inverviews our CTO on emerging fraud patterns with the Australian NPP real-time payment system.

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Solution Brief - IBM Safer Payments

One-page brief, perfect for a quick overview.

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White Paper - Technical Background

Learn about Safer Payments' deployment architecture and its underlying technology.

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Blog - Removing friction and fraud from P2P payments

Safer Payments' sales lead, Paul Govoni, talks about fraud prevention in real-time and peer-to-peer payments.

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Blog - How do you solve a $48 billion payment fraud problem?

Safer Payments' offering manager, Austin Wells, talks about the importance of agility in model adaptation.

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Blog - Agile fraud management takes more than the right models

Safer Payments' senior data scientist, Chris Sauer, talks about data handling needs for fraud prevention.

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Podcast - A cognitive approch to fraud prevention

Listen to Experian's Cherian Abraham interviewing our CTO.

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Blog - AI to mitigate fraud with instant payments

Our offering managers Austin Wells and Sam Kalyanam on IBM's initiatives to make instant payments safe.

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Blog - How to choose an enterprise fraud managment vendor

Safer Payments' sales lead, Paul Govoni, on what you need to ask your vendor.

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Blog - Protecting e-commerce acquiring

Our customer Borgun talks about how they protected their e-com acquiring business from payment fraud.

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Blog - Beware of Data “Science Projects” Turned Fraud Prevention Solutions

Safer Payments' sales lead, Paul Govoni, shares valueable experience from our work with customers.

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White Paper - Payment Fraud Prevention after Data Breaches

How Safer Payments mitigates the losses after a data breach.

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Award - Risk.net 2019 “Financial Crime Product of the Year”

IBM Safer Payments won the prestigeous Risk.net award. Please read our GM Alistair Rennie's blog on why we were chosen.

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Blog - Why Real Cross-Channel Payment Data Integration Matters

Guto Almeida explains why cross-channel fraud prevention is a must for retail banks to fight tomorrow's fraud.

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