Feature spotlights


See inside your services with Outlyer’s Integrations. Outlyer provides the core Integrations you need to monitor your services out of the box. Using our powerful and unique deployment technology these integrations are enabled across your entire environment in one click, giving you service views, dashboards and alerts in seconds. Don’t see an Integration you need? Just let us know and we’ll work with you to add it to our list.


Create and share beautiful dashboards to get visibility into how your services are performing. You can see real-time graphs of key statistics across your service, build queries and use our analytics capability to calculate metrics. Additionally you can use public sharing links to display dashboards on TV screens or share with users outside your organization.

Custom Integrations

Outlyer allows you to develop custom integrations using Service Checks that can be deployed in seconds across your entire environment. You can write and test custom integrations directly in the Outlyer UI. Then you can deploy your custom integration across 100s or 1000s of servers in seconds. All of the updates you make to your integrations then can be made within the Check UI, API or Command-line tool, which enables self-service monitoring.


Use Outlyer to get notified in real-time about issues and performance problems that require someone’s attention. With Outlyer alerts you can receive real-time alerts on any host, service or metric. You can build complex alert rules using multiple criteria to trigger Actions and get alerted via email, webhook, Slack or your alert management tool such as PagerDuty, OpsGenie, or VictorOps. Finally you can mute alerts during upgrades and maintenance windows.

Status Views

View all your hosts and containers in a bird’s eye view so you can better understand what’s running across your environments. Slice and dice using labels to get you to the views that matter most and save specific views to share with outside teams just like you do with public dashboards. Use coloring to easily see the status of your hosts and containers across your environments. See what checks are running on a given instance or container to understand check failures.

Custom Metrics and Analytics

Port in custom metrics to Outlyer allowing you to analyze and explore your data from virtually any source. Outlyer can ingest millions of metrics without you having to worry about scaling or maintaining the platform. You can build dashboards, alerts and utilize our analytics functions on your custom metrics and run ad-hoc real time queries across all your metrics.

Command-line interface and REST API

Outlyer enables you to maintain all your account configuration as code using our Command-line interface and Public REST API. You can build and update your Outlyer account configuration using your own applications and code libraries to update and edit your account configuration using code and push updates when performing releases. Additionally you can version control your account configuration using GitHub and perform any function you want using our REST API.

How customers use it

  • Infrastructure Monitoring

    Infrastructure Monitoring


    You need to monitor all of your IT infrastructure wherever it is running. You need to see all of your Infrastructure in one place and be able to implement a solution quickly and at a low cost.


    Outlyer allows you to monitor all your IT infrastructure wherever it is hosted. Our service works with cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure and GCE, or it can run on your own on-premise data centers.

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Real-Time Analytics


    You need a place to store all of your metrics and perform real time queries at a reasonable price.


    You can easily port metrics into Outlyer. You can set up dashboards, alerts, and queries using this data all within our UI. Our analytics engine can support advanced ad-hoc analytics queries across billions of metrics in seconds.

  • Kubernetes Monitoring

    Kubernetes Monitoring


    You need to monitor your Kubernetes clusters in a few clicks. You need to be able to see into your pods, clusters, nodes, and containers in real time.


    You can monitor your Kubernetes clusters with Outlyer using our Kubernetes native solution that gives you instant visibility into your clusters, nodes, pods, and containers in minutes.

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