Self-Service Monitoring & Analytics for Cloud Infrastructure

Outlyer is a self-service monitoring platform for all your teams giving them deep visibility into your infrastructure and custom metrics at scale. We believe that monitoring should be self-service at every stage from collection to consumption of the data. Outlyer, out of the box, provides a simple and scalable platform that you can give to your teams, and with our delegated remote configuration technology, allows any user you delegate permissions to, the ability to setup their own monitoring in a few clicks, or a few commands with our CLI tool.

Easiest Setup

Just deploy the Outlyer agent onto your IBM Cloud services and see them appear instantly ready for you to setup all your application monitoring in just a few clicks.

Monitor all your services on 1 platform

Outlyer works with the latest infrastructure services running on Kubernetes & Container Cloud, all the way to legacy environments running in your own data centers on physical hardware.

Ultra-Scalable Analytics

Outlyer provides a proprietary time-series analytics engine for customers with millions of metrics. Customers can run complex ad-hoc queries on real-time metrics no matter how large they are.

Supports Legacy Environments

Most of the newer monitoring tools in this space ignore legacy use cases such as network device/SNMP monitoring, Outlyer supports this, as well as Nagios checks for easy migration from legacy tools.

Product Overview

  • Integrations
  • Dashboards
  • Custom Integrations
  • Alerts
  • Status Views
  • Custom Metrics and Analytics
  • Command-line interface and REST API

Security and privacy in the cloud

Which option is right for you?

  • PRO

    For users that need infrastructure monitoring for cloud instances, servers, network devices, Kubernetes nodes and all containers/pods running on those devices

  • Analytics

    For users that want to collect custom metrics with or without our agent. For example StatsD or Prometheus metrics from your services.

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