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ODH|CPLEX is now included in GAMS Development Inc.

This partnership provides GAMS/CPLEX customers with an extra tool to use in solving large and complex optimization problems.

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Clémerin and Optimization Direct partner to promote artificial intelligence

Read how Optimization Direct will combine its decision optimization experience with Clémerin’s machine learning capabilities.

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New version of ODH|CPLEX has performance enhancements and a new Python Interface

ODH|CPLEX is an embedding of the ODH engine inside the world’s leading MIP optimizer, IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio.

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Why OPL is important for modelling

IBM's CPLEX and CP Optimizer are the most powerful solvers around and work with OPL to optimize the model efficiently.

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Next generation Optimization with ODH

Learn how ODH was developed by Optimization Direct to solve highly complex satellite scheduling models.

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AIMMS to add ODH|CPLEX to their Prescriptive Analytics Platform

The Platform leverages mathematical optimization and modeling to provide companies with a competitive edge.

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