What it can do for your business

Optimization Direct has partnered with IBM to bring you innovative solutions by using IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio which solves large-scale optimization problems and enables better business decisions in areas such as supply chain management, operations, healthcare, retail, transportation, logistics and asset management. It has been applied in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, processing, distribution, retailing, transport, finance and investment.

New algothirthm to solve complex models

ODHeuristics is a new algorithm designed to run on modern multiprocessor machines to solve difficult MIP models in the big data era.

APIs for C, C++/Concert, Java and Python

Provides a convenient interactive environment and connects the Python interface with the most popular data science development platform to enable it with IBM's CPLEX and CP Optimizer software.

Powerful optimization engines

Industry-leading IBM's CPLEX and CP Optimizer software can solve the breadth of optimization problems and deliver results quickly.

Company information

ODHeuristics Studio

Provided by Optimization Direct, Inc.

ODHeuristics Studio