Feature spotlights

Current weather visualization

A highlight of the dashboard includes visualization of the current weather and short-term forecast for each specific location identified. The user can customize parameters, thresholds and calls to action. Near real-time and forecasted location-specific weather and traffic views optimize the data provided by some of the most advanced tools in the industry.

Near real-time alerts upon reaching preset thresholds

Weighted alerts allow prioritization of the most critical alerts. Value thresholds and calls to action can be easily customized for your business needs.

More accurate predictions can lead to better decisions

The Operations Dashboard provides insight regarding the approaching weather via an alert as well as associated videos that offer more detailed information. Help proactively monitor weather and aggregate data for all locations in one place. Trigger alerts to help you make more-informed decisions.

Intuitive dashboard

A streamlined dashboard with visualization that combines weather, client locations, and/or traffic and other data to reveal insights that could impact operations. This tool is available through browsers, iOS and Android devices.

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