Benefits of running OpenEBS Cloud-Native Storage on ICP

Containerized Storage for Containers

Your storage controller is a cloud-native container that follows around your workloads, very different than existing monolithic scale-out storage systems.

Granular Control

Each workload and hence, each team working on dynamic container based workloads has their own storage, instead of being managed by central storage.

Prometheus metrics and Grafana graphs

Monitor your storage metrics through Prometheus and Grafana.

Improves EBS & others cloud storage

Runs on top of EBS to improve resiliency through AZ control and faster failover and more, to limit lock-in, and for better integration with Kubernetes.

Cross-AZ / Cross-Node failover

You can flexibly spread your storage replicas within and across Availability Zones based on their business needs.

How customers use it

  • Accelerate and ensure the fidelity of your CI/CD pipeline

    Accelerate and ensure the fidelity of your CI/CD pipeline


    DevOps teams drive towards faster feedback loops. In particular, the provisioning, saving of state, and restoring of state of a stateful application in a CI/CD pipeline is especially challenging in cloud-native architectures.


    OpenEBS solution for CI/CD; Helps make CI/CD for stateful workloads as easy as stateless workloads. OpenEBS provides easy to use tools / API to achieve, save and restore the state of an application.

  • Multi-Cloud



    The use of multiple clouds is increasing thanks, in part, to Kubernetes. However, stateful workloads can lead to lock-in due to the use of legacy storage on-premises and cloud-specific storage in the cloud.


    OpenEBS is natively multi-cloud. Run on Kubernetes with no modifications, anywhere! The cMotion feature provides freedom to move stateful applications across clusters in multi-cloud and solves the biggest problem of data gravity of cloud provider.

  • Replica Policies across Availability Zones (AZ-HA)

    Replica Policies across Availability Zones (AZ-HA)


    EBS volumes are only replicated within its Availability Zone (AZ) and do not provide any protection against possible failures and outages inside the AZs.


    OpenEBS supports replica policies across AZs. You can easily deploy within and across Availability Zones. OpenEBS will replicate each container’s volume among ECS nodes and across Availability Zones when additional protection is needed.

Technical details

Software requirements

OpenEBS runs practically anywhere you can run Kubernetes. OpenEBS utilizes CRD feature of Kubernetes, therefore it requires a Kubernetes cluster with minimum version >= 1.7.5. Make sure that you have open-iscsi package installed on your nodes since it is necessary to provide block storage over iSCSI protocol.

  • IBM Cloud Private 2.1.0.x and up
  • open-iscsi

Hardware requirements

There are no hardware requirements for OpenEBS Storage.

  • There are no hardware requirements for OpenEBS Storage.

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