How can you accelerate your business with OpenEBS?

OpenEBS is a broadly deployed open source storage platform that provides persistent and containerized block storage for DevOps and container environments.

  • Enable your DevOps teams to have their own storage policies for workloads.
  • Accelerate developer productivity by running per workload, per team storage in a Kubernetes native way.
  • Increase your business agility by running stateful workloads on ICP.
OpenEBS Cloud Native Storage

Get Started Easily and Scale

Quickly deploy and scale resources to meet fluctuations demands.

Control and Security

Application-level granular control of your stateful workloads.

Storage Policies

Policy-based management of storage.

End-to-end Development

Build and test in a protected environment that mirrors the production environment.

Integrated with ICP

Deep integration with IBM Cloud Private.

Popular Solution for Kubernetes

Most popular open source storage project for Kubernetes.


  • Containerized Storage for Containers
  • Granular Control
  • Prometheus metrics and Grafana graphs
  • Improves EBS & others cloud storage
  • Cross-AZ / Cross-Node failover

Security and privacy in the cloud

Product images

Cluster Overview
Cluster Overview
Configure Storage Pools
Configure Storage Pools
Deploy Applications
Deploy Applications
GitOps Integration
GitOps Integration
Litmus Integration
Litmus Integration

Which option is right for you?

  • MDAP Basic

    The MayaData Data Agility Platform (MDAP) Basic Support.

  • MDAP Enterprise

    The MayaData Data Agility Platform (MDAP) Enterprise Support.

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OpenEBS Cloud Native Storage

Provided by MayaData Inc.

OpenEBS Cloud Native Storage

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