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Modern software solution deployment methods require automated testing to assure quality delivery of software in a timely fashion. Nividous Test Automation Toolkit uses a three-layer automation approach where each layer is shielded from changes in other layers. This approach allows for rapid and thorough test automation and provides for better maintainability of the automation.

Unique three layer approach

Unique three layer approach (Utility, Steps, Test) shields each layer from changes in other layers making for a robust accelerator.


Supports Keyword and Data Driven testing approaches.

Use multiple automation tools

The Utility layer allows for the use of multiple automation tools so they can be used in tandem and switched without having to redo the automation effort.

Increase developer productivity

Generates comprehensive report and log of the execution along with screenshots of the UI screens for the failed test cases.

Increase developer efficiency

Application interface changes will only impact the Steps layer. This simplifies tracking of such changes.

Integration across multiple environments

Same tests worked across both Web and Mobile platforms.

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