Monitoring Domino Servers and Applications is Key

When using Domino as the backbone for both internal and external communications, as well as being the basis for lots of customized applications, it is most critical to ensure that all of those applications work like an integrated ecosystem to ensure the best possible user experience.

The NiCE Domino sMP for Micro Focus OBM continously monitors the IBM Domino infrastructure. It identifies server problems before they affect applications and end users, by predefined event conditions and threshold monitors.

The sMP increases the productivity by providing the ability to quickly detect issues and take corrective action to avoid costly downtime.

Automate your reports

Customize your reports so that there is no need to waste time with redundant functions.

Centralized exception-based monitoring

Centralize the tasks in your Domino environment so that there is no disconnect with your monitoring solution.

Monitor Domino infrastructure resources

Take pre-emptive action in monitoring your Domino infrastructure. Get alerts when a potential problem is looming before it causes massive service disruptions.

Increase productivity

The OBM administrator and operator will have more time to focus on bigger issues as opposed to spending hours trying to identify problems.

Company information

NiCE Domino sMP for Micro Focus Operations Bridge Manager

Provided by NiCE IT Management Solutions GmbH

NiCE Domino sMP for Micro Focus Operations Bridge Manager

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