Capabilities of the NiCE Domino MP

The NiCE Domino MP collects the detailed data that you need from your Domino environment using predefined event conditions and threshold monitors. It helps you to increase the Domino server availability and performance and to lower the overall cost of maintaining your Domino environment. It enables you to perform service-oriented management as well as incident management in your Domino environment, while supporting your business critical processes. NiCE MPs integrate seamlessly with SCOM. The Domino MP has an easy to deploy architecture that does not require additional servers, proxies, or appliances to be installed.

Identify server problems upfront

The NiCE Domino MP helps you to identify server problems before they cause service disruption.

Isolate bottlenecks quickly

The NiCE Domino MP enables you to isolate bottlenecks quickly so that they can be corrected timeously.

Get instant notifications

The NiCE Domino MP will give you instant notifications when messages are not being delivered.

Get alerts on potential outages

The NiCE Domino MP alerts your operations team about potential network issues or unexpected outages.

Pinpoint problems with accuracy

The NiCE Domino MP will enable you to efficiently manage and monitor your Domino environment in order to troubleshoot and identify problems with pinpoint accuracy.

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NiCE Domino MP for Microsoft SCOM

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NiCE Domino MP for Microsoft SCOM

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